Update from the board and first newsletter

Update from the board and first newsletter

A lot has happened during the last months after the official launch of the AYHD. A board was formed, ambassadors were elected and a website was created. The first newsletter is another initiative to strengthen the visibility of our association. But what can you expect from us now and in the future?

The goal of the AYHD is simple: being both a platform for exchanging knowledge and an organization which stimulates social events for junior scholars in the field of historical demography. To be able to achieve this goal we are first gathering information on workshops, summer schools, masterclasses, conferences and other interesting events to be able to offer an overview of the opportunities available to young historical demographers. This is information is distributed through our social media accounts, website and newsletter. Furthermore, because being as visible and transparent as possible is important, we are also publishing our board (and other) meetings on our website. Yet, in the next months we are also seeking support from international organizations and senior scholars for our mission statement to be more visible. We also believe this will improve the efficiency of our planned initiatives.

A first initiative is to organize panels and information sessions on conferences which are related to historical demography. By doing so, young scholars have a better chance to interact with each other on large conferences. An example will be the ESSHC in 2018 where we will try to organize a special event. A second initiative in the next period is to investigate and improve the education and the training possibilities for the historical demographers of the future. There are many initiatives, but the sources, methods and statistical programs differ a lot from institute to institute which makes choosing the right training sometimes difficult. We hope to be able to advice organizations on these issues when our investigation is finished.

Lastly, we hope that you will follow news from our association and will spread this newsletter among your own networks. Moreover, we are always seeking support from other young scholars who would like to be an ambassador for our association. Let us know if you would like to help in some way or another.



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