Events during the ESHD

Events during the ESHD

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The Association for Young Historical Demographers will kick-off the conference with two one-hour informal sessions on Wednesday 26 June, between 14:00-16:00 just before the European Society for Historical Demography Conference starts.

The first session is ‘Building an Academic Career: Tips and Tricks from Peers’, in which a panel of prominent young historical demographers (who got their PhD less than 10 years ago) will discuss ideas for CV building and answer any questions you might have. On the panel are Martin Kolk (Associate Professor, Stockholm University), Ingrid van Dijk (Postdoctoral Fellow, Lund University), Yuliya Hilevych (Newton International Fellow, Cambridge University), Hannaliis Jaadla (Research Associate, Cambridge University), and Paul Puschmann (Assistant Professor, Radboud University).

The second session is ‘Academic Publishing: Ask the Editors’, where several editors of academic journals introduce themselves and their journal, give tips and tricks about choosing the right journal for publishing your research, and answer any other questions you might have regarding the publishing process. On the panel are representatives of the following journals: Demography / Spatial Demography (Diego Ramiro Fariñas), The History of the Family (Angélique Janssens & Jan Kok), Historical Life Course Studies (Paul Puschmann & Luciana Quaranta), Annales de Demographie Historique (Michel Oris), Economics & Human Biology (Jorg Baten), Population Studies (Alice Reid) and Historical Social Research (Georg Fertig).

We welcome you all to join these panels in which addressing any questions you might have is our central aim. Moreover, next to asking questions directly, you can already submit your questions beforehand during the registration process and we will forward them to our speakers.

Next to these panels we will organize an informal event in the bar en restaurant Bazar from 19:00 onwards on Thursday 27 June.

Lastly, we will organize a Roundtable: The Future of the Association for Young Historical Demographers 14:00-15:45 on Friday 28 June. The goal of the Association for Young Historical Demographers is to bring together junior scholars who investigate historical demographic processes. Young does therefore not refer to age, but more to a stage in one’s academic career. Therefore, we normally define this as until 10 years after obtaining a PhD. We especially welcome BA-students, MA-students, PhD-students, post-docs and other junior researchers to join this group. By offering a platform on which young historical demographers get the opportunity to exchange questions, ideas and their experience, we hope to strengthen the field of historical demography. Moreover, we hope this association will guarantee us having our own voice in the international community of Historical Demography. During this roundtable we would like to discuss our future plans with the community at large. For example, our main goals, our online and offline presence, the information that is provided through our website, the organization of the association and so on. Speakers: Tim Riswick (Radboud University), Evelien Walhout (Leiden University), Jeanne Cilliers (Lund University), Michail Raftakis (Newcastle University), Sarah Rafferty (University of Cambridge).

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