Open Call for New Board Members

Open Call for New Board Members

To be able to strengthen the field of historical demography, it is important that junior researchers (including PhD candidates and/or early-career postdoctoral fellows/associates) also have a platform to interact with each other. The Association for Young Historical Demographers (AYHD) is looking for new executive board members, who will contribute in addressing important issues, and questions in the field of historical demography. If you are interested in any of the following positions, please get in touch with our secretary, Evelien Walhout, in the following email address: The AYHD will be also hosting a session and an informal event during the 4th Conference of the European Society of Historical Demography in Madrid (2-5 March 2022), so please get in touch with one of us, if you have any questions or require further information.

Deadline: 13 March 2022

  • President¬†

The president is the head of the executive board of the AYHD. The main tasks include: communicating between organization and community, formulating policies and planning, overseeing events of the organization and creating and implementing plans. In addition to these duties, the president has the duty of presiding over meetings and arranging them. If the president steps down the vice-president will take over all their duties until a new president has been elected. The president is also the contact person for the ambassadors.

  • Vice-president¬†

The vice-president is a member of the executive board. The main task is to assist the president in formulating policies, overseeing events of the organization, and creating and implementing plans. In the absence of the president, the vice-president inherits all the rights and duties of the president.

  • Secretary

The secretary is a member of the executive board. The main task is to assist the president and vice-president with their tasks: communicating between organization and community and formulating policies and a time planning. During meetings the secretary will take minutes.

  • PR-officer

The PR-officers are members of the executive board. Their main task is to maintain all communications through social media accounts and website and to advice the other board members on formulating policies, planning and creating and implementing future plans. Moreover, the PR-officers will take the lead in searching for sponsors and initiating events.

  • Ambassador¬†

Ambassadors are not members of the executive board but are the vital link between the executive board and the community and can represent the AYHD. Ambassadors should represent a certain geographical area (for example China, Eastern Europe) and to convey the wishes and ideas of the young historical demographers in their areas to the executive board. Ambassadors can also organize and lead working groups with other scholars, who focus on a certain research area (for example fertility) or issue (for example workshops) that should be addressed within our community. The executive board will assist the ambassadors with these issues as much as possible.

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