A few weeks ago we organized a very successful ‘Day for Young Historical Demographers’ together with the LONGPOP-INT project, the European Society for Historical Demography, the Young Demographers and all their partners at Charles University in Prague. This was part of the 10th Conference for Young Demographers. More than 40 young (historical) demographers participated by giving oral and poster presentations or by attending the workshops by Vlad Popovici and Petr Tureček on how to deal with historical demographic sources and databases. These teaching materials are already on- line so if you were not able to attend, you can still go through them and get some useful advice on histor- ical databases and how to work with R. In addition, Michel Oris, George Alter and Tomas Sobotka each gave very interesting key-notes which provided an excellent overview of why (historical) demographic research matters, particularly when looking at fertility.

Next up is the European Society for Historical Demography Conference in Pecs, Hungary, were we will organize a round table on ‘The Future of the Association for Young Historical Demographers’. Furthermore, we will organize several informal events. Like always, we can to get to know each other bet- ter, exchange research ideas and more importantly have a nice evening with peers during these events.

However, this time we will also organize an informal panel with junior and senior to discuss ideas for CV building, tips and tricks about choosing the right journal for publishing your research, and how to deal with co-authorship as a junior researcher. More information on these events will follow in the next newsletter.

You can see the newsletter here.

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