There are many journals in which historical demographic research is published in, but it is not always easy to find this research or to determine where you should publish your own papers. Below we try to give an overview of journals in which historical demographers publish their results most often. We grouped them together by main field as much as possible. 

Important to note is that this list is not exhaustive (only English-language journals are included for example) and we would like to advise you to ask senior colleagues in your department about which journals will be best received by your university/field because some put an inordinate weight on the reputations (i.e. impact factors) of journals. Moreover, we would like to warn young scholars that quality indicators (such as impact factors) of journals also depend on the broader field, and are arguably misleading for journals which publish, for example, mainly historical work. In short, what the best journal for an individual is very much depends on the focus of their research.

Historical Demography/Family History Journals

Demography/Social Science Journals

History Journals

National History/Demography/Social Science Journals